How long does a police background investigation take

How long is a police check valid?

Is there an expiry date? What if I choose the wrong type of police check? What if I have a criminal record? Will this automatically bar me from getting a job? What are 'police contacts' on a Police Vulnerable Sector Check? What is the Exceptional Disclosure Assessment? I have police contact information that I feel might hinder my chances of getting a job. Is there a process I can use to get things removed from my police check? What if I have had past contacts with the police involving mental health incidents? Is there a difference between a screening check done by my local police service, and a check offered by a third-party company?

Do you release information on my driving history including speeding tickets and other infractions?

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Why does it take so long to get my check done? Can I get my police check done any faster? What if I don't disclose all the pages of my police check, or alter the information prior to showing it to an employer? Could that have played a factor? Yes it could have. Background investigators frequently compare applications and look for inconsistencies.

I would not bring it up however if asked be truthful in your response. If prescribed, they would not be an automatic disqualifier in many of the agencies I am familiar with. I applied for a County Corrections position in April of They called me in November of for a background check. I interviewed with the investigator and filled out the packet.

I have not heard anything back either a letter or a call. I emailed the investigator a few weeks ago to find out the status. The investigator said that her investigation was complete and she sent the information up the chain. Thanks for your time. If you successfully completed everything, the agency may keep you on file for a particular period of time 6 months, a year, etc.

No news may in fact be good news. I know the reason that I got disqualified because during the background investigation, the background investigator called me into headquarters to ask me about a discrepancy. The discrepancy was from another application that I submitted ONLINE for another department 6 months prior to applying to this department.

On the application that I submitted to this department I told them I smoked marijuana a total of 5 times in my life all in high school and that I have never driven under the influence of alcohol. On the application that I submitted to the other department, the background investigator said that I typed on the ONLINE application that I smoked weed a total of 51 times and drove under influence of alcohol 5 times. I honestly do not remember answering any of those questions when I filled out the application online.

What I do remember is that I filled out the online application for the other department late night and had work the next morning. I remember rushing through it to see how long it was because I wanted to see if that particular department would let me apply even if I did not have a peace officer certification yet. I remember going all the way to the end to see if it would ask that and to also see how long the whole application was so that I could finish it later on.

I had no intention of even submitting that application because I had no interest in being a correctional officer. When they emailed me to come in for testing I even declined. Short story is, I got declined for another application that I submitted online in which I do not even remember filling out questions on. I already passed physical, written and polygraph for this particular department and only had to do psychological test if I did not get disqualified for the background. I applied for a third department as well in which the personal history statement was filled out by my hand as well.

With that said, the disqualification letter said that I can appeal the decision. Do you think it is worth my time to appeal? Do appeals ever get the disqualification overturned in this type of situation?

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I would hate a dumb mistake on my part to kill everything that I worked for. Appealing a decision is your option and one you may exercise. I do not have any experience with a formal appeal process in this situation as few agencies in Florida have formal appeals review at this point in the hiring process. I have had friends in other parts of the country appeal hiring disqualifications based on medical reasons.

The results have been mixed. At a minimum, it sounds like you set yourself back in your quest to be hired. Your best approach to future applications is to submit a well written letter detailing the information you presented here. This was the response I received when I inquired about it:. This is common and legal. Agencies are not obligated to inform a candidate why one did not pass. The agency in this case is protecting itself from legal liability as anything the agency tells you could be used to challenge their decision in a court.

Hey Mr Russo im applying for a corrections officer job whoever I have two dismissed assault charges one of them domestic but I was never convicted of anything all was dropped.. What do you think my chances are of getting the job.

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If you were removed from Dept. Of Corrections for a disorderly persons offense which was dismissed in court, can you ever apply to another law enforcement agency. I have no criminal record and had an excellent work history for the prior 15 years? If going up against someone else for the position who has things that need to be explained away, you would be on equal ground with that person. Yes you can apply to another agency. If you rephrase your question, I may better understand and can reply. Within my references is it fine to include responsible classmates I went through the academy with?

You may include academy classmates as long as the criteria is being met. Some agency request references you have known for X years.

When you fail a background check, is there any possible way to find out why? The email I received stated that the information was confidential. How am I to improve my application for a future reapply without knowing why I failed in the first place? Without knowing why, you just complete any future applications as best as you can. Many agencies keep applications on file for several years.

Often state records laws will dictate the minimum period of time these must be retained by the agency. Specifics, such as your question, should be directed to the actual agency.

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You may want to see if that information is listed on their web site. You can answer a question any way you like however the application will require you to answer truthfully. Indicators of deception with these will be a problem when it comes time for your application to advance forward. If the individual was once employed by such an agency in a sworn position, typically the investigator will pull those related records. So Dr. Russo, all of that is required just to be a cop? I was wondering if you perhaps knew what steps I have to take to be a criminal investigator.

I know that I have to go through the police Academy first and then be a patrol cop for two or so years to be an investigator but different websites say different things. I would love to know so I can map out an exact plan. Also, what certification and college majors I need. Height and weight are not necessarily automatic disqualifiers as long as you can complete the tasks associated with the position. Most agencies do not require you have completed a college education prior to being hired. Some agencies may require 3, 5 or even more years first spent in patrol. It is best that you check with the specific agencies you are interested in to see exactly what their requirements are for becoming an investigator.

If you have been disqualified from a previous background investigation from on agency and make it to the background stage for different agency can the new agency view your background check from the previous agency? I know a confidentiality agreement is signed at the time of the interview. Can that be broken by another agency? Even for a non-sworn position. Would the new agency become aware of this discrepancy? Or is that simply a matter of explaining poor memory? Background investigators do frequently review the results of work done by other agencies when conducting their own background investigation.

Many applications ask if you have applied to any other agencies and if so list those.