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Fuel Finder. Fuel Price Alerts Lowest gas price and station info for your zip code! Your Vehicle Operating Costs What is my driving cost per mile? Emergency Road Service. Download AAA App. Tip 1: More fuel, fewer times. The residue gathering at the bottom of the tank is prone to be absorbed by the fuel pump and clog the fuel filter.

Worse, if the residue goes beyond the filter, your fuel injectors will have to suffer.

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Enjoying the high RPM range in a tunnel is, however, something you should indulge. Everything is computerized now, with electric sewing machines and less actual staff, but the point still stands. Toyota started out life as a division of the back-then successful Toyoda Automatic Loom Works in Prior to actually starting the production, he travelled to Europe and the U. By he had already begun researching gasoline-powered engines for their own personal use.

The war between Japan and China was heating up, so the Japanese government actually encouraged Toyoda Automatic Loom Works to start building cars to increase domestic production.

A year after they founded it, in , they produced the first Type A engine , which was implemented in the first Model A1 passenger car. The earliest cars were somewhat similar to the Dodge Power Wagon, but the reason for that is very simple. They actually had interchangeable parts. Toyota Motor Co. The name change from Toyoda to Toyota was due to the fact that the Japanese symbol for the word went from Kanji to katakana giving it 8 letters. In East Asian culture, the number 8 is considered lucky, so Toyota decided to go with that. The demand for trucks was greater than the actual production, as Toyota was basically the largest and only provider.

To make as many as possible, they had to keep the trucks simple and bare. A scheduled Allied bombing was planned to shut down the Toyota factories in Aichi and completely cripple Japan, but the war thankfully ended long before that. Postwar period Japan was arguably the most devastated country after the War.

Economic growth was nonexistent, with even the most prominent of companies struggling to survive. None the less, production continued with the SA model. The lack of sales meant that the company was nearly bankrupt by the end of , just 2 years after production reopened. Eventually Toyota was able to put stand back up on its feet thanks to a loan from a large consortium of banks.

A year later however, the same happened again. In June of , they only sold trucks. Management announced wage reductions and even layoffs, putting the union on strike. The entire ordeal lasted two months, before finally coming to agreements. The Korean War, as bad as it was, kick started the company yet again, as the US ordered some 5, vehicles from Toyota. Taizo focused on making more Toyota plants, which ultimately gave the company an edge over rival Nissan during the s.

The Toyota Crown became the first Japanese vehicle to be exported to the U.

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Today, Toyota is thriving in large sale numbers, but the most recent troubles date back as recent as During weak US economy in , Toyota announced that their numbers have been slowly but surely declining. The same thing happened with the Detroit Big Three. The high demand of hybrids put the Prius back on the radar for lots of potential buyers, and the increase in pickup demand meant the affordable Tundra became an option for many people. The state of the art advanced safety systems, both passive and active, have been implemented by most other manufacturers by now, but the truth is Toyota started the entire trend.

Just think of their model lineup. We sincerely hope they continue doing their own thing, because it seems to be working.

Does Saving Pennies on Gas Put Your Car's Engine at Risk?

And believe it or not, your car might freeze too and refuse to start in a cold December morning. Most of the time, the issue resides in improperly maintained engine fluids. Using proper engine oil and antifreeze goes a long way in keeping your car ready to go on winter days.

As you probably know by now, engines use oil to lubricate internal components in motion, reducing friction and allowing for extended usage accompanied by minimum wear. The main characteristic of engine oil is viscosity. There are two SAE values for viscosity encapsulated on all oil containers. The first number 5 represents the cold viscosity of the oil at zero degrees Celsius in the SAE system. The lower the value, the less viscous the oil is. However, as the oil heats up due to the heat radiated by the engine, such a low viscosity would not provide proper lubrication and generate wear.

This is why, when heat up to a temperature similar to the one of the engine, the oil switches to a higher SAE viscosity, in this case So, what has all this to do with winter? Quite a lot, actually.

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As temperatures drop, using an engine oil with a rather high SAE viscosity value at 0 degrees may cause the engine to crank slowly or not crank at all. Keep in mind that old oil will lose lubrication properties and may become more viscous than its original SAE value. Your car relies on coolant to keep engine temperature at a steady value where it provides maximum yield.

On the other hand, as winter sets in, very low temperatures may cause coolant to freeze within the piping and the radiator. Antifreeze fluid alters the freezing and boiling point of your engine coolant, allowing it to remain in a liquid state even below freezing temperature of water. Check with your local car shop to figure out the proper antifreeze concentration as a function of mean winter temperatures in your area.

Apart from oil and antifreeze, windshield washing fluid plays a vital role in allowing your car to run in winter conditions. Proper washing fluid will remove the ice and allow wipers to move it away from sight. Before you buy car insurance you should compare prices on car insurance. You may not recognize how valuable this one step can be until you witness it yourself. There are plenty of good solid options for car insurance many you would never be exposed to unless you compare prices on car insurance plans. A lot of people make the grave mistake of just settling for the first plan they are offered.

This is one of the biggest financial mistakes you can make. You wind up paying more than you have to pay. When you take the time to compare the prices you are allowing car insurance carriers to battle for your business by offering you better rates! In many countries around the world you can compare prices car insurance using sites like Bilforsikring and Money Supermarket.